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2016 Bike Ride 
Stage 4 Hera School 
Bike ride information 
Security fence and sign 
Bike Ride Team 2013 
At the beginning 
The HANDS bike ride has been completed for another year. A full report will be posted soon, here are a couple of photos to show the fine weather while out there. 
Stage 4 Hera School This year we will carry on our work in Adelaide to raise funds for the work in Timor Leste. The Big Bike Ride will happen, this year travelling through Mildura for a change and covering 858 Ks in 8 days. All riders are looking for sponsorship, if you would like to assist in any way please contact a Board Member. The annual quiz night will also be taking place later in the year, keep an eye on the web page for updates. HANDS will be raising funds to assist with the running costs of the Schools and clinics that we have built over the 14 years, by being outgoing and building a large school that will take children from preschool to year 8 also now has a large cost with teacher's wages. All wages are paid from donations, we have made this difficult as they now need more teachers. The same problem has happened with the medical clinics. So we have no plans in the next couple of years to build but to support with wages and equipment while processes are put in place to become self-supporting. 
TIMOR 2015 
Kay and Natalie have been to Timor Letse. And have returned with lots of photos and smiles that we could not wipe from their faces wish I had been there as well. 
Sorry you are too late, the Quiz night has come and gone. It was a huge success yet †again. We have manged to raise a bit over $4500.00 toward our work at the Hera school this year. 
Thank you all. 
It is just about time to start work on stage 4. This will give a further 2 class rooms at the school which will assist with the overcrowding of students in class rooms. A porject manager has been selected and he is keen to get going. We will be looking for workers around September to do block work, roofing as well as painting and second fixing of the rooms. Have a look at your plans and if you wish to get out of the cold then simply contact a board member and we will start working out when we will go to Timor Lestre. 
Itís hard to believe itís been 9 years since our first HANDS bike ride, so much has happened and lots of money has been raised for our projects in Timor Leste.  
So far the rides have raised a total of $135, 000 which is absolutely awesome, praise God. The ride will be from April 11 to 19 and we will leave Salisbury Lutheran church then to Mannum, Morgan, Burra, Peterborough, Melrose, Port Pirie, Clare, Balaklava and then home to Salisbury, approximately 900kms and not a hill in sight!!  
We have 15 cyclists, which includes day riders, and 3 confirmed support crew.  
The accommodation and meals are generously provided by churches, service clubs and sporting clubs. Itís like school camp without adult supervision.  
On the tour we do a power point presentation on our HANDS projects in Timor because itís important for our hosts to see the work we are doing.  
This year we are raising funds for 2 classrooms to accommodate the grade sevens at the Hera primary school. This will be stage 4 of the Kids Ark ministry school building program.  
Its been very satisfying to see the school grow from a preschool class of 10 to a reception to grade six school with over 300 students attending.  
We thank our hosts, sponsors, riders, support crew and everyone who has helped to contribute to the success of the previous rides and for our ride this year.  
If you'd like to be a day rider, please contact Gary Crossman, bike ride coordinator, on 0430 552 623.  
Saturday 27th June ó Annual Quiz Night. 7.30pm. Salisbury Lutheran Church, 10 Waterloo Corner Rd, Salisbury. Bring a shared plate for supper. Tickets just $10.00 each. Get in early as spaces are limited. 
The Disability Centre is finally complete, it has taken a while to get the kitchen cupboards done but the day has arrived. John and David have installed them and they look great, well done. You will notice that some of the cupboards are on wheels, this is to make it easy to place them where needed for or users to learn to cook and do preperation work.  
The Care To Ride For The Ark Primary School has taken place. The ride was a huge success again with enough money raised to start preperation on planning and site work. Some of our work is to be completed with teams from W.A. once done we will go in in 2015 and build the classrooms. See you there. 
Stage 4 Hera school 
Work is starting to happen with the fourth stage at the Hera school. This will consist of a further 2 class rooms to take the classes from pre-school to year 6. †The main fundraiser for this year will again be the Big Bike Ride covering some 903 kilometers in 9 days starting at Salisbury in Adelaide and travelling to Mannum on the first day then heading through Eudunda, Burra, Peterborough, Melrose, Port Perie, Clare, Balaklava and ending back at Salisbury. If you would like to take part as a full time rider or even a day rider you need to contact the board soon. We will be having a quiz night later in the year so look out for the information. 
Work in Hera 
This year we had teams go to Hera to do some work at the school and the Centro De Reabilitacao. The school needed to have the rear fence shifted further back toward the sea and a creek at the side fence has been erroding the bank closer to the fence line so it was decided that a gabion rock wall was needed to protect the fence line. We also had some work to be completed at the centre, a water tank had to ber placed onto the tank stand the secutiy fence and gates had to be made and errected and ladscaping of the block. The teams made a start on all these jobs but with restricted numbers we had to leave a fair bit of the work to John and Alison. It would be good to get some more team members to travel in 2014 as we are about to start stage 3 of the Hera school and as we know many HANDS make light work. 
Ride to Care/Care to Ride 
The annual HANDS bike ride has been completed again this year with 12 full time riders and a few part time and day riders. And yet again the ride was a great success raising money for the needy in Timor Leste. This year the ride took a new root starting at Salisbury and travelling through Balaklava and on to Port Broughton, Peterborough, Clare and Burra then onto Blanchtown, Mannum and concluding back at Salisbury. Everone agreed it was a hard ride but very rewarding. Can't wait to see what they do next year. 
The ride journal is attached here for you to read.  
It has happened, The centre is open. On 22nd February 2013 the centre was officially opened with representatives from the Government with lots of speeches a big cake and a bottle of champagne for shaking and spaying everyone was excited, but the work continues as the building is not quit complete. Security needs to be done and the kitchen is still an empty room, all these will be completed this year once the bike ride is complete and funds come in as we need walls and cupboards and cooking appliances. 
Day Centre for the Disabled 
This is the year for the Centre to be built there have been teams arriving since the end of July who have all been very busy getting the work done. It is truely and international event we have had teams from WA, NSW, our most eastern state NZ as well as HANDS members. The centre should be completed in time for the opening in early February 2013. Check out some photo's on the links section in our latest news letter. 
John and Alison are now living in Hera and will project manage. We still need to raise funds to complete the project and will be holding fundraisers through the year please support these so we can support those less fortunate. 
Teams have been and have returned. Lots of work got done, repairs painting and some minor building work. Everyone is getting very excited about the Disability Clinic to be built next year. John and Alison have decided to return to Timor - Leste to live later in the year for about 2 years and they will project manage the new Clinic. They are exited with the next challange in their lives. The Board wishes them well in their next adventure. 
Dance / Auction night 
Our famous Dance and Auction night has been once more. A great night with lots of fun "thanks Danny" some great music by "One Night" and a short speach by the Chairperson. Lots of items up for auction and I think everone who attended got some good items, I know I did. The night raised over $4,000.00 thanks Gary, Natalie and Kay.
New kitchen floor at Hera 
Hera school stage 2 completed
We have been to timor Leste this year, some volunteers have travelled for the first time and like all of us, once we have been we return home and start to work on how we can return next year. This year we prepared the site for the Clinic for the Disabled, tiled the floor in the kitchen of the Misson Centre and started with re-roofing the house. More info on the projects page.  
This year we completed another amazing bike ride. We changed the route of the ride to go through Tailem Bend, Pinnaroo, Ouyen, Mildura and down through the riverland. We had more riders which also included some casual riders that just joined us for 1 or 2 legs of the ride. This is a good idea if you can't get a week from work but would like to take part in the ride. We had a very successful ride raising $22,000.00 and getting great exposure on the local radios and TV news services. This money will go a long way to starting the disability clinic in Hera.  
Don't miss the Auction night at the Arc Lutheran Church, Salisbury 19th June 2010. All the details in the newsletter on the links page. 
What a year, some members travelled back to East Timor in October to try and get the stage 2 section of the school in Hera completed or at least to a stage where 1 class room could be used along with the kitchen and toilets. Still some problems with matials though, the sheeting we needed for the ceilings where held up on the Warf. And we still have problems with getting items to complete jobs from the hardware stores. But after much running around it is possible to find what is required most of the time. 
We have been and returned, This is what we had when we arrived, some trusses where up and some undercoat was on the external walls but that was it. We painted inside and out, fitted all the roof trusses and roof iron. Helped with some concreting. There are a couple of photos on the projects page. One of our members also did some painting at the house were we stay prior to the teams arriving. But we are to go back in October to try and get the job completed. The new building needs to be completed so it can be used in January 2010. 
The Big Bike Ride from Geelong to Salisbury has been completed by 12 riders and the 2 support vehicles. However, support was also given along the ride by many people in the towns the riders stayed at. They where assisted by being looked after with showers, beds and food and I can tell you no one was hungry or dirty. We would like to thank all the freindy people that assisted along the way. Once the dust has settled we will advise how successful the ride was.
Sidara rework completed
We returned to Sidara in 2008 to do some rework on previous projects. As we built the Pre School in 2004 out of local materials we did not suspect that they would only last 2 to 3 years before they would start to break down, so we decided to go and reclad the Pre School with a product that would last. After investigations into what would be the best product in tropical conditions CSR Blue Board was recomended. As the Medical Clinic was also looking a bit tired we decided to do that building as well. All materials had to be shipped as they are not available in East Timor so they where taken to Sidara by container and work started, both the Clinic and Pre School where reclad a generator room was built with a generator donated by 2 SA businesses giving power to those 2 buildings as well as the Birthing Clinic. Branca was very impressed not having to assist birthing by candle light.
We now have HANDS clothing for you to purchase. Polo-shirts and Windcheaters. We are carrying stocks so you do not need to wait. If you would like to order some just drop an email with your name, size and quantity and they will be sent to you straight away, keep in mind if you need them posted we will need to pass on that cost as we do not make enough on the items to cover shipping.  
Sizes are as per normal. S, M, L, XL and so on and costs are;  
Polo-shirts $25.00 each including GST for members and $30.00 for non members.  
If you are going over to East Timor this year you need to order them now.  
If you would like to become a member of HANDS all you need to do is print off the membership form available from our Links page, complete it and return to the postal address below.  
There are 2 levels of membership;  
The first is $25.00 a year this gives you the news letters as well as voting rights at the general and AGM meetings.  
The second is $60.00 for 3 years, you get all the member rights as well as a great saving, available to everyone. 
This money is for the administration of HANDS, by doing this we do not need to hold back any donations to cover administration like some other aid organisations.